Hello! I am a Graphic Artist* based in Brooklyn –currently open to work.

*also scouting the best pierogi in New York & will happily take leads :)


Personal – Lyric Booklet

Kelowana, BC metalcore quartet Stasis released their harrowing EP “A Garden For All To See” through No Sleep Records in November 2020. The EP’s trio of “Maelstrom”, “Garden” and “Far From You” communicates how grief is managed through emotional introspection.

Reimagining what a lyric booklet could look like for this release, I took specific photos in Brooklyn's Prospect Park that would then be narrowed down to the individual pages. After color-grading the raw images, I went in and digitally painted everything to have a traditional visual-art feel.


Personal – CD Packaging

Denmark blackened-serotonin outfit MØL expanded on their debut "JORD" with a reinvigorated sense of artistic breadth. Weaving tendrils of crashing sound through thoughtfully-melded vocal intricacies hoists Diorama as a crowning release in 2021's heavy music catalog.

The photography process took place in Boston's North End district. Photos were graded in a silvertone and edited without a sky, which were then replaced by blue gradients. After deciding on the cover artwork, I worked on a lyric spread for the tracklist as well as packaging and interior CD graphics.

Montage Journal

Illustration & Product Photos 

Montage is the art and literature journal of Quinnipiac University. I was asked to provide the illustrations for Volume 39 of of the publication, including cover art and any interior graphics. The book was distributed at campus events ran by student media organizations and remains open to the public through the digital platform Issuu.

After the publication went live, I art directed and produced a photoshoot showcasing the journal and the pages I contributed towards. Aside from the cover and inner pages, a few original artworks also made it into the issue.

Ability Media

Editorial Collages

Ability Media Group is a Hamden, CT-based nonprofit media organization focused on detailing how people with varying abilities are portrayed. A dedicated team of students and faculty at Quinnipiac University, alongside a board of other industry professionals, create articles, videos, podcast content and other digital media to communicate with their growing audience.

The editorial collages and photo illustrations included are a selection of graphics designed for the Ability Media team. These pieces are displayed as both website thumbnails on articles as well as on the company's social feeds. This is an ongoing collection and will continue to expand weekly.

Isle Ethereal

Compositing & Retouching

"Isle Ethereal" is a digital compositing and photo illustration series about humans interacting in a strangely familiar celestial world. I combined layers of cut-up photography from Unsplash alongside meticulous color grading and auxiliary illustration. With the intent of spellbinding as much as attempting to create advert-ready photo collages, Isle demonstrates how color can be considered in collage artwork.

Day Pop

Photography & Design

Based on the peaks and valleys of Pride Month in New York City, "Day Pop" is a photo series exploring different areas of Brooklyn within walking distance of the BK Museum, where protests ensued in June 2020.

Using before-and-after sliders, the full project below shows how the raw photos looked compared to the final deliverables. Getting the color grading exactly how I desired on every photo was an in-depth thought provoking process that inspired interesting color choices. The font used for all piece titles, included on the individual artworks, is Gilroy Semibold.

New Seances

Collage & Illustration

A collection of gothic-noir collage illustrations using analog and digital techniques. These ghostly mixed media pieces are inspired by the occult and otherwordly; with an emphasis on transporting visitors to a haunted landscape.

This is an ongoing case study.

Scene Daddy

Art Direction & Design

I have been creating with Scene Daddy, an alternative (emo, scene & scene adjacent) media group, since March of 2021 where I provide art services and maintain/lead design for the merchandise store. I also create social images, memes and web graphics for Scene Daddy's Instagram audience of 114K+ followers.

Scene Daddy is an case study. If you are looking to see the current state of this, please contact me directly.

Wire Doodles


Contour sketches are a fantastic way in drawing to figure out what details are the most important parts of a figure. All of these doodles, termed "wire doodles" because of their wire-like outlines, were individually done in 3 minutes or less. I love drawing in this style because it's a super expressive way to demonstrate what I feel matters in a doodle.

Digital Art

Personal – Artwork

The Digital Art section is an ongoing collection of the pieces I've created that most resonate with me over time. This is updated frequently - take a look on my Instagram @ianaddisonart for updates on the latest artworks!



Entangled In Your Thorns is a psychological descent into chaos, based on mental health & romanticism in the Digital Age. Pieces of brutally shredded graph paper is paired with anxious scribbling, newspaper headlines, song lyrics and journal thoughts. I love taking a focus on mental health awareness in my work and am always ready to discuss this relevant topic.



3 halftone collage illustrations designed around the theme of finding serenity and complacency in death. Using grief as a memento, I created something a specific loved one would've enjoyed.

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