Cover artwork created in 2022 for The Charles Mingus Centennial Sessions, which honors what would have been Charles Mingus' 100th birthday. All graphics used inside the collage are actual photos of the band's sessions as well as historical documentation showcasing Mingus' life and creative process.

Mingus Big Band

AlexisonfireAlbum Campaign, concept

Holy FawnDimensional Bleed

VersusCreative Direction

MØLCD Packaging, concept

The Paper ChaseLyric Insert, concept

StasisLyric Booklet, pitch

Sony MusicSocial Graphics

White LungCD Packaging, concept

Full CollapseArtwork, personal

Revival RecordingsIt's All Grunge

Scene DaddyMerchandise

Blood Pact7" Packaging, pitch

PostersPrint Design

Mingus Big BandThe Charles Mingus Centennial Sessions


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