Project Backstory

Denmark blackened-whatever outfit MØL expanded on their debut with a reinvigorated sense of artistry. MØL’s tendrils of crashing sound weave through thoughtfully-melded vocal intricacies and hoists Diorama as a crowning release in 2021’s heavy music catalogue. 

I emotionally interact with color, sound and motion in a strange way (as a synesthete) – which allowed creative expression to truly take hold on this project. For me, the phrase "diorama" is a refraction of the light flooding in through my brain. It is a place of comfort, tangible memory and meticulously constructed chaos. My trip to The North End was as memorable as it was invigorating as an artist, and I'm excited to share this adventure with other fans of MØL.

Early Development

Photographs taken on the streets of Boston were initially paired with nihilistic poetry in a series titled "Darker and Darkest". These were later redone and purposed to MØL's 2nd album "Diorama"  which had come out a week before. I love this album and wanted to create something surrounding the joy it provided me. As for the initial planning of this project, I ended with 8 photos that really spoke to me, and when it came time to deciding on a cover for the CD package, having the right angle was important. Though only one photo in this series was used for the cover, other images from Darker and Darkest ended up in the lyric page and CD casing.


Color Palette

Diorama's original palette is off-black and salmon red – and though my redesign using slate grey and a strong orange hue doesn't sound dramatically different on screen, I aimed to make the album feel apocalyptic with its tones. In this new coat of color, a burning orange sky melts away at steel beams raising their horns into the sky. Pillars of concrete slabs tower above any visible beings, but hang low beneath a cast-iron haze. I wanted something that felt like an impending inferno colliding with Earth – as if no one is left and all that can be taken in is noise.


The type treatment for the lyric pages of the project include Anton Regular (headlines) and Ambroise Standard Firmin (body copy). I decided on a sky blue from the cover artwork's gradient for the primary accent – which took on a new form with Ambroise's serif wings. Working with Danish typsetting was a new challenge (and an exceptionally enjoyable one) as I learned more about InDesign's capabilities. The spliced and splintered cuts in the artwork call back to the first track (Fraktur). In regard to the CD casing: The Sun is imploding and no one is looking out through the windows; a bold orange mass pierces the design and takes control.


With love, from Brooklyn.

Thank you to all fans of the band MØL for making the bands artistic statement feel increasingly empowered with every listen.

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