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A collection of event posters and playbill artwork I did at Quinnipiac University between 2019 and 2020


A Small Mistake (2019)

When approached to design a promotional poster for the short film "A Small Mistake", I was given free reign of concept — aside from the film's name...

So I got experimental. This cryptic compositon forms an entirely different story when the art is inverted.

Exposure (2020)

The short film "Exposure" is about a 1969 NASA darkroom photographer investigating photos surrounding the Apollo 11 launch. I was asked to provide promotional artwork for the team's film. 

Based on 1960's Pop Art movement, this design features overlapping screentones, organic shapes, and geometric sans serif type. As an "easter egg", I hid HAL 9000 in the lettering.


Red Speedo (2019)

Quinnipiac Univesity's first production of its 2019-2020 season through Main Stage Theater was "Red Speedo" by Lucas Hnath — a play on the topic of performance-enhancing substances in athletics.

Ray, the play's protagonist is shown in his classic red speedo hanging by a thread as he is submerged beneath the Olypmic training pool. I drew a one-line illustration for the playbill cover, which relates to the play's theme of continuity. 

WQAQ Open Mics (2019)

Quinnipiac's in-house university radio station, WQAQ 98.1 FM, hosted a series of open mic nights. Their ongoing series featured musicians, comedians and creative writers.

February 2019 was a rainy month; this specific poster was based on the overall atmosphere on campus and incorporates a sleek geometric guitar.


Baltimore (2019)

The second production of Quinnipiac's 2019-2020 theater season was "Baltimore" by Kirsten Greenidge. This play directly tackles the theme of racial injustice on college campuses and the relevant stigmas attached to those experiences.

I wanted the person drawn for the primary graphic to be ambiguous in definining characteristics. Alongside the brush pen spelling out the play's title, I used two weights of a sans serif font to balance the comp between grunge-leaning and sleek. 

Zero Net (2020)

Short film "Zero Net" is a dark comedy about a man who gets involved in shady business within the Dark Web in an attempt to help someone he cares for.

I knew going into this project that I wanted to include a font that looks like code on a computer's command input interface. The original background collage was pieced together and constructed by hand, and then edited digitally.

Color grading the piece was especially fun - I played around with colors (i.e. the logo) that I would not have tried using outside of this project. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I definitely enjoyed this comp!


Reel Big Fish Show (2019)

After hundreds of students submitted information to a WQAQ 98.1 FM Radio, the station decided to contact iconic ska band Reel Big Fish for a one-night performance. I was asked to create the poster!

The band's frontman Aaron always wears Hawaiian flower shirts for performances - which was the primary inspiration behind the floral artwork.

Rage  (2020)

The third and final production during Quinnipiac's 2019-2020 theatre season was "Rage", based on the 1977 novel of the same name, as well as the 2013 nonfiction essay "Guns".

I met with the principal actor and told him to "scream" for a photograph. It went well; the final result features minimal orange accents, original watercolor texturing, and text inspired by a typewritter. 


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