Project Backstory

I constantly populate a document filled with project ideas that work within specific techniques and fields I want to learn more about placing my imagination into. It's an ambitious list — and one that expanded after moving to Brooklyn in May 2020. Between this new location as well as the ongoing global pandemic, I needed and continue to need creation; and it's been wonderful. This world of knowledge and communal expansion in Prospect Heights is gorgeous too: The Botanical Gardens, The Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park, and even a location of the Smorgasburg food festival are all within a 10 minute walking distance of me.

In the Gardens, significantly less flora was in bloom due to shortages in park maintenance and indoor exhibitions such as The Conservatory were closed. Going back to the garden grounds for the first time in a long time rekindled an interest in photographing nature, and alongside my love for music, I wanted to bring the beauty of Brooklyn into a commercial-leaning application. My documentation of the visuals captured during this experience was paired alongside a recent release from a band I believed deserved further recognition. The DIY hardcore, punk and metal scene is near and dear to me, and I'm thankful to continue being friends with the band to this day. The following imagery and graphic assets were all created out of pure enjoyment towards an unofficial booklet reimagining. Brooklyn's Botanical Gardens are my own "garden for all to see".

Production Images

Wandering the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is always a humbling experience to directly engage with the natural world. The tranquility of becoming immersed in this local organic setting is something I deemed necessary to the EP lyric booklet; it would be a portal to the realm of Stasis. Before narrowing down a color palette and coloring in any of the photography, I began by taking photos with varying depths that displayed a vibrant array of hues. Though the EP's subject manner is bleak, it's a required darkness that dramatically thrives in context of its visual components. Blossoming flowers, illuminated petals that shimmer in watercolor splashes, and droplets of digital ink personally convey seeking empowerment in loss. "A Garden For All To See" is an EP about creation as much as it is desolation.


Color Grading

Coloring these 4 base photos was an exceptionally insightful process that helped me gather further insight into implementing a cohesive visual narrative into the release package. On "A Garden For All To See", I wanted to reimagine the emotional value of grief; finding solace in an undeniable outcome that cannot be transgressed. The warm and summer-flooded catharsis of these photos is shown through a warm palette choice, as well as the light-and-airy editing that allows space to feel filled out without being too overzealous.


Final Details

After all of the photos I wanted to use for specific pages were color graded and effectively mixed, I went in and digitally painted over everything to give it a rather liquid sensation. Bursts of earthy colors implode into organic watercolor – in the world of Stasis's EP, I envision an expressive chaos that is hellbent on finding beauty in a antagonizing mindset. I built out a set of custom brushes in Photoshop to design the meticiulous flourishes of this artwork.


With love, from Brooklyn.

I would especially like to thank Kevin Ellis Moore @softsurrogate for inspiring this concept with his original sleeve design, as well as the band (Callum, Cliff, Colton, and Ryan) for being so receptive and supportive of this project. Listen to the full EP as well as their previous work.

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